Raw Rice Idli | Pachai Arisi Idli

For idlis , we generally use parboiled rice/puzhungal Arisi (ukkda chawal) or Idli rice or Idli Sooji/Rava  along with Udad dhall and fenugreek seeds .
On festive occasions like Ganesh Chaturthi, Varalakshmi Vratham or Avani Avittam (Upakarma) , generally boiled rice is avoided for making idlis as we make it as an offering to the Lord .
As the name suggests , parboiled rice means the rice is semi boiled before and anything that has been cooked before is not offered to the lord as prasad. Prasad or offerings have to be made fresh is what the general norm is.
The process of making idli is the same , just that the soaking time for rice is a little longer as it is raw and needs more time to soften before you can grind it.
Wet grinder will be the best option to grind the batter for the idlis to turn out soft, if no other option, blender or mixie can also be used.

Preparation Time : 4 hrs
Fermentation Time : 8-12 hrs
Cooking Time :  15-20 mins for 12-16 idlis
Complexity  : Medium

Recipe Courtesy  : Mrs Bageerathy Ramakrishnan - a dear friend of mine .

2 cups raw rice (sona masuri or any other except Basmati)
1 cup whole udad dhall
1 tsp methi seeds /fenugreek


  • Wash the rice 3-4 times and then soak it in enough water for 4 hrs .
  • 1hr after soaking the rice, wash the udad dhall multiple times until you get a clear water and soak it with methi seeds for 3 hrs. 
  • Rice and dhall have to be soaked separately. 
  • Drain the water from the udad dhall and the  start grinding it in a wet grinder by sprinkling water little by little .
  • The batter will double up and appear fluffy after about 20 - 25 mins. 
  • At this stage , take out the batter and keep it in a large vessel .
  • Now , drain the water from the rice and start grinding it by adding a cup of water for 20 mins or till it appears smooth . It should not be very coarse or rough. 
  • Remove the rice batter from the grinder and mix it well with the udad dhall batter and keep it for fermenting in a warm place. 
  • Fermentation can take place anywhere between 8 to 12 hrs depending on the weather conditions. 
  • Once, fermented, mix the batter well , add salt and you are  now ready to make idlis .
  • Grease the idli plates and ready the idli pot or steamer with 2 glasses of water. 
  • Pour the batter in the idli plate , place it in the steamer and steam it for 12-15 mins.
  • Unmould it and offer to the lord as prasad .

Refer to the video link below for a detailed demonstration of how to grind regular idli batter .

The  same method is used for Raw rice idli except for the change in ingredients. Instead of parboiled or idli rice we use only Raw rice. 

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  1. The term raw rice always manages to confuse me but some masuri is good enough. The idlis look delicious. I did not know that idlis were offered to the lord. But now I realize steamed, fresh makes sense.


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