October 13, 2017

Makaai Chiwda | Cornflakes Mixture

MaKaai Chiwda | Cornflakes mixture is a very famous snack made in most Gujurati and Maharashtrian households . A very crunchy snack made using cornflakes / Makaai Poha as it is called locally.
This cornflakes is different from the cereal / breakfast cornflakes as it is not ready to eat . These are raw ones like the pressed rice / Poha/ Aval we use for making upma .

The makaai poha needs to be fried in oil and drained out when it puffs up beautifully and then the necessary spices and salt are added to make a classic tea time snack .

Preparation Time : Nil
Cooking Time : 20-25 mins
Complexity : Simple


500gms makaai poha / raw cornflakes
2 tsp red chilli powder
100 gms groundnut
50 gms chutney dhall / fried gram dhall / pottukadalai
handful of fresh curry leaves
salt as needed
pinch of asafoetida / hing/perungayam
1 tablespoon powder sugar
Oil to deep fry.


  • Heat the oil in a deep kadai / frying pan.
  • Put in one small piece of cornflakes and see if it sizzles up immediately . If it does,then the oil is heated to correct temperature. if it doesnt sizzle up,wait for a few mins and repeat the test.
  • Fry the makaai /cornflakes in small batches depending on the size of your frying pan .
  • Drain it and put it in a huge vessel .
  • Fry the groundnuts in the same oil until brown and crisp.Drain and put it on top of the fried cornflakes.
  • Fry the fried gram/chutney dhall in the same oil until crisp.Drain and put it on top of the fried cornflakes.
  • Fry the curry leaves very carefully as it will splutter when put in oil,drain and add that also to the cornflakes.
  • Lastly,add the required amount of salt,red chilli powder,turmeric,asafoetida and powdered sugar and thoroughly mix it by shaking the vessel in which you have collected for about 2-3 mins.
  • This step ensures even mixing of the spices with the entire batch of cornflakes,groundnuts & fried gram.
  • Store in an airtight container and enjoy as you please.
Notes :
  • You can add fried cashewnuts , raisins along with the groundnuts.
  • Finely sliced dry coconut /kopra/khobiri can also be fried in ghee and added.
  • Donot use a spoon to mix the ingredients,that will break the freshly fried corn.
  • If you are unable to shake the vessel with hands,transfer the contents to an airtight container,close the lid and shake it vigorously.

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