About Me

I wouldn't say that I am a very great cook but I am a good cook....
Well I am not blowing my own trumpet,but this is what my husband,friends and relatives say..
So I take that as a compliment and understand that my food is good to eat :-)

My passion for cooking was not known to me until I started trying out various recipes just to ward off my boredom when we moved to the USofA ..
That is when I realized I had a hidden cook within me.

Thanks to my dear husband who has been my tea taster for anything that I make and serve. I must say his suggestions and comments helps me improve my cooking skills to a great extent.
I must mention,he is a good cook too and I have stolen his little tips and implemented them in my cooking.

At this point I would like to express my gratitude to my mother..whom I passionately call as "Aye AMMA" ..
Its because of my amma and her constant cooking tips and advices that she used to give me whether I like or dislike which helps me today to cook without fear. She has always told me that Cooking is no BRAHMA VIDYA but a matter or passion and interest.

I have never learnt cooking the traditional way. I started helping amma with her chores on Saturdays ,Sundays and holidays. Though I initially started doing it reluctantly,I slowly gathered interest and would keep asking her questions on how to cook,why cook this vegetable like this,why make sambar like this etc etc... and she would patiently answer all my questions and thus was borm a little budding cook.

Thanks a lot to you amma for having been a great teacher and guiding me at all walks of life. Even today,she is my ready reckoner to give me immediate tips to restore a recipe that has gone a little haywire.

Here comes a few recipes that I have tried and have received compliments from people that I present before you all.

Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.


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  2. This blog looks like a one stop place for many food items that i love to eat particularly Indian. the value of ingredients are handled nice and does not lead to any catastrophe on replicating it.

    Would be good to include some non-veg/vegan patterns to in the same way as that of veggie. Hope will see some international patterns sooner.

  3. All your recipes are so well detailed. I have always been a fan of south indian cuisine and I finally see this one stop blog for all my cravings. Thanks for sharing. will surely share my experience as I start trying your recipes.


If you feel your search for the recipe ends here and this blog has helped you with that,please do drop in a word / suggestion ,which will motivate me further to help you guys !!