Arisi Upma | Broken rice upma | Akkithari Uppit - Video Recipe

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Arisi upma or Broken rice upma is a very staple breakfast item in most tamil homes. If you have rice rava handy then its a breeze to make this upma as it gets done in less than 15-20 mins.
I keep rice rava handy and this upma comes to my rescue even as a dinner option when I am pressed for time or run out of options. Serve this upma with coconut chutney,tomato gothsu/ tomato gojju or as is with just a cup of plain curds it tastes heavenly.

I am including the method of making rice rava at home which I normally follow. There are various other process of making rice rava,like soaking the rice,drying it and then pulsing. I use the quick method when I am in a hurry and there is no compromise on taste.

Jain version : Skip the ginger and follow the recipe as is

  Quick Making of Rice Rava at home

Pulse the required quantity of   raw rice /par boiled rice in a mixer grinder . The texture should be slightly coarse and granular as compared to the regular upma rava .

Salted Potato Chips | Aloo Wafers - Video Recipe

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Potato chips / Potato Wafers absolutely needs no introduction and explanation. We all love to gorge on the thinly sliced potatoes deep fried in oil with or without seasonings like pepper powder,chilli powder or any such flavor.
Today I am going to demonstrate how to make those thinly sliced yummy potato chips at the comfort of your home.Totally hygienic and no added flavors .
Enjoy bowls of potato chips when you catch up one late night movies or let the kids have it as evening snack.

Potatoes - as many as you want
2 tsp salt mixed in water
Oil for deep frying

Jain Chole Masala | Channa Masala - (No Onion No Garlic)

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Jain Chole is a spicy North Indian gravy made without the use of onions,garlic and ginger specially customised for my Jain friends and all those who like to have Saatvik food sans onion and garlic.
The non Jain,regular version of chole masala is already featured on this blog - Chole Masala
Serve this jain chole masala with any type of Pulao,Rotis-Parathas ,Puri  or even simple plain steamed hot rice.

Soaking Time : 6-8 hrs
Preparation Time : 5-10 mins
Cooking Time : 20 mins
Serves: 2-3
Complexity - Medium

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Kaalan | Kalan - Kerala Sadhya Menu

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Another very interesting recipe from Kerala made out of slightly sour yogurt ,coconut,green chillies,pepper  a tuber like yam or raw banana . Its slightly sour as compared to avial and also slightly thick compared to Pulissery or Mor Kootan. One of the many dishes served as a part of the Sadhya during Onam,Vishu or any special occassion.
In my recipe,I have made Kaalan using only Raw Banana ,while you can make it with a combination of yam and raw banana as well.

Other Sadhya menu items listed on my blog

Preparation Time : 10 mins
Cooking Time : 20 mins
Serves : 2-3
Complexity : Simple

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